Students Gather to Celebrate Halloween with “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

On Monday, October 31, the students gathered at McGuire Hall to celebrate Halloween by watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This event, co-hosted with Spectrum this year, is a WLOY Halloween tradition. Anna Markulis ’23 is the managing director of WLOY.

Markulis said: “‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ has been a WLOY Halloween tradition for over a decade! We screen the film every year and also have some kind of fun competition.”

At this year’s event, a costume contest was held with a turntable and The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack on vinyl as the prize. There were over 20 entries for the costume contest, resulting in a tie of three. After a tiebreak, this year’s winner was Trevor Sangiorgio ’26, dressed as Elvis Presley.

In the past, this event was only hosted by WLOY. This year, however, WLOY has partnered with Spectrum to bring the event to a larger scale. Alé Terrero ’23, Spectrum’s President, had learned that WLOY hosted this event every year after his organization hosted its own screening of the film last Halloween.

Terrero said: “In 2021 we kept our events separate, but in 2022 WLOY invited Spectrum to collaborate with them! It was so great to be able to put together a big event.”

Compared to previous Rocky Horror events, this year’s event drew a sizeable crowd. Markulis credits WLOY’s collaboration with Spectrum for the event’s success.

Markulis said: “It was one of the most successful WLOY events of the semester! I think it was a great example of how beneficial it is to collaborate with other groups on campus and foster a fun and healthy experience for the Loyola community.”

A film adaptation of the popular play “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” was released in September 1975 as “A Camp Twist on Sci-Fi B-Movies” (BBC) with 70s stars like Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon, Meatloaf and Tim Curry. Although critics agreed that the show belonged on the stage, it was very well received by audiences, particularly the queer community, who found a sense of belonging with both the film’s characters and the film’s other fans.

Terrero said, “The tradition of ‘The Rocky Horror’ has been going on for decades, with the national fan club beginning in 1977. Typically, performances were late at night on a Friday, and audience members would come in costume and participate in rituals such as callbacks and prop bags.”

Markulis said she particularly enjoyed hearing the Loyola community engage with the film, similar to what Terrero described.

Markulis said, “The energy was wild and hysterical, and I think everyone loved being able to be silly and themselves with other Loyola students in a welcoming environment.”

WLOY is gearing up to bring it back in 2023, and Markulis is confident the Loyola tradition will continue well into the future.

“‘Rocky Horror’ is a cult classic and the fan base has remained strong over the years – even within the Loyola community. Even if you haven’t seen the movie or know its rich history, it’s still one of the best Halloween events at Loyola that everyone will enjoy.”

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Featured image courtesy of Katie Roessel.

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